Classics on Track for Children 2015

The day really started the evening before when 28 intrepid folk gathered at The Earl of March when Giles the owner and his lovely staff put on the most magnificent meal at a measly cost that defied the superb quality, quite simply bloody marvellous scran (food to those of you unfamiliar with Naval service slang!) Thank you Giles for your support—we will return!

The day dawned wet and dreary, drivers apprehensive of the conditions, even Ian the Chief Marshal looked worried and added caution to the mix with John Purvis our ever helpful chief instructor at the briefing. Goodwood shook it all off and rose to the occasion. The track staff were not just helpful they tried every which way to accommodate as much time on track for the cars and the large numbers who turned up to be passengers and contribute to the charities.

A bevy of racing licence holders driving lovely examples of cars such as; HWM, Jaguar D Type and Southern GT 40 were in great demand. Then as the clock struck 12 the sun came out and created that moment that caused Roy Salvadori to say “Give me Goodwood on a summers day”.. how true!

As the afternoon progressed the action and variety of cars on track really found its own momentum. Supported by Ian, Kirk, Gabriel and Judy we were able to go to open pit lane with drivers coming in by rotation, this created more time out and the circuit was fully occupied with up to 8 cars lapping at a time.

Lunch in the Old Control Tower was quickly dispensed with and drivers along with other interested supporters made their way over to The Jackie Stewart Pavilion.  Gordon Spice was interviewed by our very own racing gynaecologist Michael (Spike) Milligan who knows a thing or two about tight corners himself. Thank you to Gordon for supporting us and being such an amusing guest.

We were most fortunate that Lady March had arranged for a number of Goodwood prizes for a ‘lucky dip’ to benefit  the charities. We created a number of plain sealed envelopes and each had a pink slip inside, the ones with writing on were the winners, these were top gifts, ranging from a 4×4 experience to a Mini Young Drivers course a BMW high speed drivers session and a full GRRC track day place.

Some of you who won have not claimed your prizes, do drop me an e mail and I can forward to you.

On the day and out of the blue a contingent of over 20 MG’s turned up,  what was unusual was that they had come from Australia and were touring interesting places in England. Keen to support the cause a number paid to go out and then Ian suggested that the Goodwood staff might give up a bit of their lunch break in return for a donation. John Purvis led in the safety car and couple of parade laps were completed :result happy Antipodeans and a £300.00 contribution. Thanks Ian, John and all.

The best news is: We have raised £6,025.00 , the final accounts are being finished by Mark and a spreadsheet giving all the financials will be posted shortly on the website.

The bottom line is that the 2 charities, Winston’s Wish and Cruse West Sussex will both be £3000.00 better off due entirely to your efforts and support for which Spike Milligan and I are extremely grateful.

You were a great bunch of people to work with, a number of you have sent in mails asking for another day—soon!  Well I have a meeting at The Big House all set up, if we can we will try for a day in April/May and a further one at the end of September, if we do it you will be the first to know and I hope we may count on your support. THANK YOU.

Michael (Spike) Milligan and Paul Auston, ably supported by Alistair Peel and the Goodwood circuit team and marshals.