A Day of Success with an Eclectic Collection of Cars

The sun shone—what a treat for the drivers assembled for the morning briefing given by the inestimable John Powis.

It was so good to see familiar faces and there was a general sentiment shared, shaking off the trials and tribulations of the last couple of years, moving forward with determination to enjoy and make the most of a superb day.

The Goodwood people, Gabriel, Millie, Sam, Alex and all the staff went the extra mile to make the day such a success. Their efforts made the day.

The generosity of those providing the Goodwood track experience, I hate singling out anyone from our supporters but Glenn and Tammy with the Southern GT40, Neil and Amanda Tregarthen who came up from Penzance with their lovely Lamborghini Aventador and Andy Shepherd in his lovely Maclaren 720 all gave countless rides raising funds. Thank you.

The eclectic collection of cars told its own story our oldest car was the 1934 Lagonda M45 Rapide and the newest, well the jury is out but it could be one of the Porsche’s driven by a client of Andy Crabb’s at Porsche Mid Sussex who arrived with some fabulous cars and clients for a great day out.

Proceedings started on track with Her Grace the Duchess of Richmond and Gordon flagging of each car from the pit lane, Her Grace stayed during the morning and spoke to a number of supporters, in particular thanking Ian Hall for his splendid additional contributions made to both Winston’s Wish and Best Beginnings, Her Grace’s charities for 2022.

Both the charities had a presence outside the Jackie Stewart pavilion, and I hope you were able to meet and speak with them about the work that they do for children and families.

We held 2 parade laps which allowed children, normally barred from being on circuit to experience Roy Salvadori’s “give me Goodwood on a summers day”! It was such a pleasure seeing the excitement.

And it is a credit to all of you that during our day there were no red flags, no stoppages, no incidents—well, unless you take into account the noisy bark of the Aventador, but as Neil and Amanda demonstrated, performance does not have to be loud!

All too soon the day closed, the golden envelopes all sold, the prize cabinet emptied, but the day was not over, we met again at The Earl of March, Giles who is currently recovering at home had left matters in the hands of his wonderful lady, Susie and her team and as usual they did us proud, a wonderful meal and a great way to conclude a fabulous day.

Special thanks go to the Goodwood team, to supporters Ian Hall in his Aston and Darren Tiler who brought along his lovely Mustang and gifted a number of boxed motoring toys that were put into the golden envelopes. To Gabriel for arranging for the Silver Spitfire to greet supporters on entry to the circuit.

Particular thanks to Andrew Sharp of e spares and Frank Slevin of Silver Fox racing for sponsoring the cost of the circuit for the day, however the day would not have been possible without the efforts of Jan Harding, administrator par excellence. Jan pulled so much together and spent countless hours organizing behind the scenes and on the day, so thank you Jan and thanks to all of you who made the day a great fundraise with £22,243.00 being raised that will be shared by the 2 charities.

We are planning our next day for 23, watch this space and if you would like a reminder of this year then visit www.classicsontrackforchildren.com

Great photos taken by Dr Jon Lacock who also gave his services to instruct on the day are available to purchase from the gallery section. Thank you, Jon.,

Until 2023,

Paul Auston,
Spike Milligan,
Jan Harding.